Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Core Problem : My third Podcast

The Harvard EdCast is a weekly series of podcasts, and for my last podcast, I chose a video called " The Core Problem ". You can find it on itunes, it has been made by the Harvard School of Education. Professor Richard Murnane shares new research on how family income affects education equality. He wrote a book about the subject, and he talked a lot about his book during this conversation with Matt Weber. They also explain how works the public school system, and why, sometimes, children from low income families are excluded from this system. The video lasts about 13 minutes.

Pr. Richard Murnane is co-author of this research. He explains that there is a strong relation between family income and studies. Moreover, values of America seem to have changed. It was the foundation of the American dream : A children, no matter which social sphere he was from, could become richer and more educated than this parents were. A child may grow up poor, but he can change his destiny if he works for it. But Max Weber says that richer getting richer, and smarter, and the poor getting less educated.

 There is an increase in segregation, and especially in school segregation by income : it means that children from low income families often live in the same area, and that they are more likely to be concentrated in school together. This problem has increased for the last 30 years. It affects the ability of teachers to make good work, because these schools are marginalized. But making these people in categorie contribute to American Capitalism.

Max Weber asks Pr. Richard Murnane what are the reactions to his book, and he answers that this is too soon to know. He says that his book is only available for a month. But a lot of educators are pleased that the book recognized the fact that school can make a difference for children from low income family. He thinks that the different school disciplines must work together in order to resolve this problem.

Furthermore, he thinks that, as citizens, children are our futur. A substential pourcentage of children are growing up in a low income family which means that a majority of children are concerned by the problem. The investments that teachers will make for these children will pay sooner of later.

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